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Pre-Master's programme

The Information Studies pre-Master’s programme is designed to cover any gaps in knowledge or skills that are necessary to follow one of the Information Studies tracks. The Programme Manager will determine if and which pre-Master's programme you might need. 


The Information Studies pre-Master’s programme contains three different e-modules:

  • 1. Academic Skills

    The e-module Academic Skills offers an introduction in the basics of the academic way of thinking. The course focusses on academic research, the basic assumptions of the researcher, the methods used and the way of reporting the results of the research. An important part of the course is dedicated to statistics as it is the foundation of quantitative research.

    The course is composed of the following 2 learning sections:

    1. Basic Statistics          
    2. Academic Research     
  • 2. Programming for Data Science

    The e-module Programming for Data Science is for students who can already programme in languages other than Python. In this module we look at the general programming principals of Python relevant for Data Science programming and then working with Pandas.

    This e-module is not designed to teach participants how to programme. It is expected that students are already familiar with the general concepts and skills.

    The course is composed of the following 2 learning sections:

    1. Programming in Python
    2. Working with Panda’s
  • 3. Information Modelling

    Communication theory (data, information, knowledge), Epistemology (Belief, truth, justification, internalism, externalism), Acquiring knowledge (a priori, a posteriori, empiricism,  rationalism, constructivism) & RDF

    • Resources and data types
    • Property, statement, graph
    • RDF syntaxes (Turtle, RDF, RDFa)


    • Classes and properties
    • Class hierarchies and inheritance
    • Constraints 


    • SPARQL infrastructure
    • Basic query, matching , filter
    • Result sets

These e-modules:

  • are online courses consisting of articles, video lectures and exercises
  • are designed to keep you motivated throughout the course, by being divided into several sections which all end with a quiz, which you must pass to continue to the next section
  • are guided by a moderator, who is available for questions and guidance and who organises weekly online meetings to exchange ideas with other students
  • are hosted in an e-learning system
  • can be completed in your own time and in your own home - even the exam is online
  • each take on average 70 to 150 hours in total to complete
  • each cost 225 euro to complete, including enrolment costs, exam and one retake exam.


  • Non-EEU students need to have started the e-module before 1 May
  • All students must have completed and passed the exam for the e-module before 1 September, in order to enrol in the Data Science Master's programme. 

How to enrol for the pre-Master’s

  • Please note that you first have to enrol in the Information Studies’ Master programme in Studielink before we can continue with the admission procedure for the pre-Master's programme.
  • Based on your experience and knowledge level the Programme Manager will determine if you need a pre-Master's programme. If so, we will send you the forms for enrolment, which you need to return to us as soon as possible.
  • After confirmation of your enrolment, we will send you a contract and an invoice for the tuition fee. We require a confirmation of the payment before the start of the e-module
  • After you’ve paid for your e-module, you will receive your personal login for our e-learning system
  • You will receive a detailed explanation of the study and exam procedure at the start of the e-module.


For questions concerning the pre-Master's programme you can contact the pre-Master's coordinator at