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‘I enjoy the diversity in people’

Growing up, Elise Vos always had an interest in history and politics. Her father, a teacher in the Dutch language, shared those interests and they would often have debates concerning these topics. From this she learned how to defend her opinion by presenting her arguments in a convincing manner.


‘It is interesting to see how different fields, law, economics and politics, all come together in European Competition Law and Regulation. Attention is given to the insights in these different fields, which already shows from the classes we get during the Master’s and also later on, when lawyers and the European institutions work together with economics to address these aspects during case analysis.’

‘I enjoy the diversity in people who participate in the Master and the international vibe that comes with them. The Master attracts a lot of international students and teachers with different backgrounds and ambitions. Especially people who have the ambition to work abroad fit well within this Master’s programme.’

European Competition Law

‘Within this Master’s programme I especially enjoyed the mandatory subject European Competition Law, since the set-up for the subject is done very well. Not only will your knowledge in the subject increase immensely since it is a twelve-week subject, but you also get economic lessons and learn to use those insights for your arguments. I also enjoyed the non-mandatory subject Consumer Rights in the Digital Single Market, where you gain very practical information.’

Extracurricular activities

‘Next to my studies I work as a paralegal for a law firm specialized in competition law. It is great to see how my theoretical knowledge of competition law works in practice. I am also a member of the Competition Law Moot Court team of the UvA, where I have to work with three other students on a case from the Herbert Smith Freehills Competition Law Moot 2018. In my free time I like to draw, swim and enjoy the Amsterdam student life.’

Future plans

‘Currently I am following two Masters, which I hope to finish during the summer. After that I am going to do two internships. One is for the law firm Loyens & Loeff, which will partly take place in New York, and the other internship will follow right after for the law firm CMS, which will include two months in Brussels.’


‘The Master’s programme notifies you on a lot of different social events: drinks, seminars or practice days at law firms, visiting the Dutch Competition Law Authority or even a trip to Brussels with the study association JFAS. I recommend participating in these events as much as possible. Besides having fun, you will meet a lot of other students and also gain useful contacts for the future.’