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International Development Studies
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What is this programme about?
Programme director Courtney Vegelin and student Catalina Mosquera Rosas tell you all about the Master's programme of International Development Studies.
Meet & Ask
Did you miss the Meet & Ask session on 9 February? Look at the slides from the presentation.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the main differences between the one year and the two year master?

    The biggest difference between the regular and the research programme is the time factor. In our research master there’s more time to gain more in depth knowledge and you will become an expert in the field.

    The period you will spend on fieldwork will be longer in the research master (14-16 weeks), compared with the regular master IDS (8-10 weeks).

    In the research master there is a strong focus is on methodology courses.

    The regular master’s programme is more practical, the research master has a more academical character.

    The thesis for the Research Master is longer and builds up to writing an academic article.

  • How many people are accepted in to both programmes?

    Both the one year and the two year master programme are selective. This means that in our one year master IDS  50-60 students are accepted in the programme. In the Research Master IDS 20 students are accepted on a yearly basis.

  • What does the programme look like?

    In our Course Catalogue you will find an overview of the programme:  


  • How many electives can I choose?

    In both the master programmes we offer a range of thematic elective courses of which you have to select two of them.

    Within the regular programme, student may chose 12 EC elective courses offered within the master programme. For more information see the Course Catalogue.

    Within the research programme two thematic IDS electives of 6 EC each have to be chosen in the first year of your studies.

    In addition you will have to choose 2 method electives of 6 EC, out of about 10 method elective courses. For more information see the Course Catalogue.

  • What are the admission requirements? for application and admission.

  • When and how long do students undertake fieldwork?

    Once the thesis proposal has been approved by your thesis supervisor, one-year master students (MIDS) undertake three months of fieldwork in Block 4, i.e. between the end of January until early April (for exact dates please consult your specific MIDS Canvas Page). The research master students (RMIDS) undertake three to six months of fieldwork in Block 1 and 2 of their second year or between the end of August until early January (for exact dates please consult your specific RMIDS Canvas Page). 

  • What can I expect from a thesis supervisor?

    While every supervision is different depending on the student and the supervisors, all students are entitled to a maximum of eight meetings with his/her first supervisor to discuss data-analysis, chapters, the final draft or other issues the student or supervisor considers relevant. The date of submission of the thesis, the date of the thesis defense and planned graduation date have to be carefully coordinated with the supervisor and second reader, to ensure their availability in the planned period.

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