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Latin American Studies
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about the Master’s in Latin American Studies? Find the answers in the FAQ below.

Basic information

  • What title will I obtain upon completion of the programme?

    Master of Arts (MA) in Latin American Studies from the University of Amsterdam.

  • What kind of study programme is the Master’s in Latin American Studies?

    The Master’s Latin American Studies is a post-initial Master’s Programme. This means that it is a Master’s that you can do after you have already obtained a (regular) Master’s degree or if you are a highly motivated Bachelor's graduate.

  • How high is the tuition fee?

    Because this is a post-initial MA, the full tuition fee is always €3000. For Dutch students this means that you can do a regular Master’s before or after our MA without the additional costs (‘instellingsgeld’) of a second Master. For international students this means that our tuition fee is the same for all of our international students, whether they are European, (Latin) American, or global (no additional costs for non-EU residents). Moreover, everybody is eligible for a €1000 fieldwork grant upon completion of the course load prior to the field research period.  

  • When will I be eligible for the €1000 fieldwork grant?

    Students who successfully complete the first 30 ECTS before 1 February can apply to CEDLA for a research grant of up to €1000 to cover costs made during their research in Latin America. 

  • What language is the program taught in?

    All courses are taught in English. However, you are also allowed to write your Master’s thesis in Spanish or Portuguese.

  • How many credits will I obtain with the Master’s in Latin American Studies?

    60 ECTS. This is the same amount as you would obtain through a regular Master’s programme.

  • When does the Master’s in Latin American Studies start?

    The program always starts in the first week of September and finishes at the end of June of the following year. There is no mid-year cohort. When planning your time, please take into consideration that the Master’s is a full-time programme with an obligatory field research period from February to April.

Application & admission

  • Who can apply for the Master’s in Latin American Studies?

    Our Master’s is primarily intended for students with a Master’s degree in Social Sciences or Humanities seeking to specialise in Latin America within an interdisciplinary learning environment. Students with a different Master’s degree (Ecology, Law, Business, etc.) and highly motivated students with a Bachelor degree in Social Sciences or Humanities may also apply. These students are asked, however, to complement their application with a research proposal.

  • When should I apply for the Master’s in Latin American Studies?

    Our early applications deadline is 1 February. This is the deadline for applicants seeking to obtain a NUFFIC OKP Grant. Our second and final application deadline is on 1 May.

  • What does the admission process consist of?

    Admission is based on your motivation letter, documentation (diplomas, academic transcripts and, possibly,a research proposal), and an intake interview. The interview may be conducted from abroad. All applications must be in English. We strive to process applications within two weeks.

  • Am I expected to know Spanish or Portuguese?

    Yes. As part of our curriculum, your foreign language skills are expected to be at a level sufficient enough to conduct research in Latin America. This means that we require proficiency in either Spanish or Portuguese, or (in some cases) a language of the Caribbean or Guyanas. Part of the application interview may be in this language, to test your language skills.



CEDLA as an education institute

CEDLA is considered to be one of Europe’s leading institutes in Latin American Studies. Its staff members are all experienced researchers and qualified teachers. CEDLA hosts monthly events, like lectures, expositions, and workshops. We moreover house the second largest library on Latin America in Europe, with a unique collection. Inside our library and building we also have facilities such as student workstations, WiFi & computer access, as well as excellent lecture rooms. As a Master student you moreover receive a University of Amsterdam (UvA) student card, which provides you access to all UvA libraries and facilities, including many student discounts.

More information

If you would like to know more about the Latin American Studies programme, please contact us at