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European Politics and External Relations (Political Science)


Maarten Dinkelberg – Alumnus Political Science (EPER)

A great start and a broad range of opportunities

'The answer to the question why I chose to study a master’s in Political Science at the University of Amsterdam is simple. I already did my bachelor’s there. The University has a relaxed and international vibe, and Amsterdam is a beautiful, lively city where a lot is happening. Student life, culture and many events are all centralized in a small geographical center, where you can bike from one side to the other in half an hour. After having obtained my bachelor degree my first thought was: ‘I’d be crazy to leave’. '

Shirel Levi - Alumna Political Science (EPER)

'The EPER program provided me with a specialist academic training on the EU.'

After doing my BA in International Relations and Political Science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, I wanted to extend my knowledge to European Politics and External Relations (EPER) so that I could gain expertise in a very important topic in my chosen field. I think that today more than ever it is important to understand what the European Union stands for and represents.

Gabriela Greilinger - Alumnus Political Science (EPER)

'It opened many doors.'

Personally, I don’t regret choosing the EPER program at the UvA even a single bit. To me, it was life-changing and helped me grow academically and also personally. It opened many doors for me career-wise. After my graduation, I was offered an internship at a human rights organization in Washington DC, where I could employ the research skills I obtained during my master’s. Recently, I was also offered another internship at the United Nations in New York City, which I gladly accepted, and where I am currently living.

Alina Pascarel
Alina Pascarel

'The structure of the class was what facilitated the effectiveness and progress of our work'

Besides the comments we got from our mentor, we were also supposed to read each other’s theses and provide peer-feedback. The highlight of the Master's programme was that we were given the opportunity to apply - and if accepted- to attend the European School on Security and Development in Follonica, Italy which was funded by the European Commission and brought together students from three Italian and one Belgian university and the University of Amsterdam. Having been selected to attend the Summer School, I was able to enhance my knowledge on current EU issues. I am currently working on my Master’s thesis, which deals with the European Union’s democracy promotion efforts through electoral assistance in transitioning democracies.

FMG Political Science: European Union in a Global Order Grace Yano
Grace Yano

'Once the decision was made, I never gave it another thought.'

In comparison with other political science programmes in the Netherlands (and abroad), the European Politics and External Relations (EPER) programme boasted an international environment and strong emphasis on research, which were high priorities in my criteria for a Master’s programme. It did not take me long to narrow down my choice to the EPER programme at the UvA, and once the decision was made, I never gave it another thought.

'This Master’s programme fully encompasses these novelties, providing a fascinating and eye-opening learning experience.' 

My motivation to choose this track was twofold. Firstly, I was persuaded by the increasing role EU institutions play in international affairs, both within Europe and beyond. Secondly, and more personally, with an ardent interest in European political economy, I rightly felt that this track would make a useful companion. Since the Euro crisis, the EU has come up with numerous game-changing economic governance initiatives. This Master’s programme fully encompasses these novelties, providing a fascinating and eye-opening learning experience.