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Public Policy and Governance (Political Science)

Public Policy and Governance

Lucie Gooskens is an alumna of the Public Policy and Governance programme. Read what Lucie has to say about this programme.


The first days felt like homecoming

Since high school I have been fascinated by the role of power in decision making and more specifically how education policy is made. During my bachelor of Political Science, the first lecture was about power. I will always remember that, as the basics of political science are about power: the capacity of an individual to influence the behavior of others. And still in my work today as a senior policy officer at the Ministry of Education, soft power especially plays an important role. How do you ensure that the policy plans you design will get implemented?

I started my bachelor of Political Science in 2006. The first days of my bachelor felt like homecoming. I instantly felt comfortable with my fellow classmates and I met my boyfriend, husband now. In 2013 I finished my master Public Policy and Governance. I choose this specific master track because of the direct applicability of the theory in practice and because of the inspirational professor John Grin, who is teaching in this programme. 

During my studies, I was quite active in student life: as a member of the Education Committee, as a volunteer tutoring kids, a part-time worker at the debate center De Balie, and as chairwoman of the Central Student Council. Those extracurricular activities enriched my theoretical study. I also went on an Erasmus-program to Lund in Sweden for 5 months. I studied Swedish Public Policy and, also important, I improved my level of English. 

After finishing my first masters, I followed the master in Educational Science. During my second master, it was obligatory to complete an internship. I choose an internship with the Dutch House of Representatives. I was eager to learn more about the Dutch political system. My time at “Het Binnenhof” I still value as indispensable for my work as a policy officer right now.

My working life started as a junior policy officer at The Netherlands Initiative for Education Research (NRO), which is part of the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO). I worked there for 9 months. It was my springboard for a career at the Ministry of Education. Up till the present day, it is the perfect place to bring the knowledge I obtained during my studies into practice.

While applying for jobs, I learned that it is important to tell a story with your CV: what is your professional and study summary? For me it is educational policy. For example, my bachelor thesis and both of my master theses dealt with the theme of education. All my extracurricular activities ensured that I had an interesting profile to apply for a position at the Ministry.