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Software Engineering
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Read what our alumni say about this programme.

Mary Gouseti

'This master captures what I think are the core essence in software engineering. You have to team up almost for every project which represents reality; let's be honest chances are that if you want to be part of something big you have to work in a team! Furthermore you will study software engineering from two perspectives the human and the technical.'

Arne Timmerman

'When I look back on my year at Software Engineering, it’s remarkable how fast all my fellow students have moved up the career ladder. I think that’s due to the fact that the programme is very practically-oriented. One of the most important things you learn over the course of the study programme is critical thinking. That’s a skill that tends to be underestimated in this field.' 

Jeroen van den Bos

‘This programme takes a much more in-depth look at the subject matter than comparable courses at a university of professional education. A software application may work, but what does that really mean? Does it mean the programme doesn’t contain any bugs? That’s highly unlikely. So, is that a bad thing? How do you find out? These are the types of things you learn to think about during the Master’s programme.'

Lars de Ridder

'They really throw you in at the deep end here. You get a group assignment with your fellow students, and it’s up to you to figure it all out. You really learn a lot in the process, because you come up against so many obstacles. You learn how to recognise those problems and deal with them. The lecturers were available to help us day and night.' 

Willem Visscher

'The supervision you get from lecturers is excellent, they really keep a close eye on everyone’s progress. There are weekly consultations to assess your progress. If it becomes clear that someone is lagging behind, they’ll offer additional coaching. That’s something I didn’t expect from a university study programme.'

Vincent Lussenburg

'I like the fact that you also get lectures from people with experience in the commercial sector, rather than a team made up entirely of academics. We even had a guest lecturer who had helped to programme the very first computer system and told us all sorts of interesting stories about that. It really helps bring the subject matter to life.'

Sabrina Jim

'My graduation research project focused on generating behaviour codes on the basis of models. The objective is to generate codes on the basis of specified models, without any human intervention. That’s still just pie in the sky at the moment, though; most programmes capable of generating those codes simply create a framework and can’t do much else.'

Sebastiaan Herman

'I studied on a part-time basis, and I found my fellow students - most of whom had a background in the commercial sector - to be highly motivated. For me personally, the combination between theory and practice was very appealing. It was tough at times, though: you’re expected to process a lot of information in a short space of time.'