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East European Studies

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East European Studies focuses on the historical, political and cultural diversity of Eastern Europe and on the relation between Eastern Europe and the West and the European Union.

This minor concentrates on current events and includes both Russia and Central and Eastern Europe, with special attention for Southeastern Europe and the Caucasus in the electives. The first semester consists of introductions in Russian and Soviet history (twentieth century) and in the position of Central and Eastern Europe in International Relations. The second semester offers electives that focus on one of the regions of East European Studies.

This minor is offered by the Faculty of Humanities. The faculty’s minors consist of 30 ECTS credits and earn you a second qualification that will be listed on the transcript accompanying your degree certificate. 

Study programme

In the second semester, you can choose up to 12 EC from the courses mentioned in the schedule.​​​​​​

  • 20th Century Russian and Soviet History
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  • The Trials of Communism: Justice and Ideology in Central-Eastern Europe
    ???studyprogramme .period??? 2
  • Major Workshop East-European Studies
    ???studyprogramme .period??? 3
  • Russian pop culture: Movies, TV and the internet
    ???studyprogramme .period??? 4
  • Soft Power? Russia's cultural politics in the 'near abroad'
    ???studyprogramme .period??? 4
  • Post-Yugoslav States and Societies in Transition: From War to Transitional Justice
    ???studyprogramme .period??? 5
  • Sports in Europe: History, Identity and Politics
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Related Master's programmes

This minor may serve as a good preparation for academic Bachelor’s students who want to apply for admission to a Master's programme in European Studies, e.g.: East European StudiesIdentity and Integration or European Policy. If you meet the language requirements, you could also consider the Dutch-taught Master's programme Duitslandstudies. Always check the entry requirements on the Application and Admission page of the Master’s programme you are interested in.

Entry requirements

This minor is open for application to students who have obtained an academic first-year diploma or a positive Binding Study Advice from an academic Bachelor's programme. This entails that you must have obtained at least 48 ECTS in your propaedeutic year. 

The minor is also open for application to students from a Dutch University of Applied Sciences (HBO) who have completed their propaedeutic year. If you are an HBO student and if you are looking to do a Master's programme at the UvA, please check out our pre-Master's programmes, as completing a minor is not enough to grant you access to Master’s programmes. 


The minor enrolment deadline for the academic year of 2021-2022 was 22 June. You can still register for individual minor courses in which places are still available up until one week before the start of the academic year.

Facts & Figures
Credits 30 ECTS,
Language of instruction English
Starts in September