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Memory and Trauma in Post-War Russia, Poland and Eastern Europe

This module considers literary and cultural texts that – directly or indirectly – point to the experience of mass-extermination in Poland, the Soviet Union (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus), Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia during the Second World War.

Considered are both places of memory related to the cultural memory of these countries (the Warsaw Rising in 1944, Katyń, Stalingrad, the Leningrad blockade) and the specifically Jewish experience of the Shoah (The Rising in the Ghetto of Warsaw in 1943, Auschwitz, Babii Yar). The 'national' and 'Jewish' perspective often (but not always) blend into one cultural memory. An important context is Stalinism (the two European totalitarianisms of Nazism and Stalinism cannot be severed, as recently stressed by Timothy Snyder in his historical study Bloodlands). Attention is devoted both to texts written during and after the Second World War.
Thus, the module offers, within the context of Eastern European history (Timothy Snyder), memory (Aleida Assmann), several aspects of trauma theory and Holocaust Studies, a representative survey of a theme that has proved seminal to the development of modern literature in Europe – and in the Slavic countries in particular.


dr. A.J. (Arent) van Nieukerken

Faculty of Humanities

Capaciteitsgroep Slavische talen en culturen

Date, time, location and costs

  • 31 March - 19 May 2020 
  • Tuesday 13:00-15:00 
  • Location: P.C.Hoofthuis 1.04
  • Costs: € 150 (AUV-members € 135)

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Memory and Trauma in Post-War Russia, Poland and Eastern Europe
Mode Open UvA Courses
Credits 0 ECTS, 8 weeks
Language of instruction English
Starts in March