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Radical Imagination

Radical Imagination

With complex and wicked problems like the climate crisis ever present in the public eye, academic teaching can no longer permit itself to be conservative; teaching only existing methods, theories and viewpoints. Radical Imagination aims to offer students transgressive and radically new insights into existing issues on man and the planet.

In this course, you are invited to explore urgent themes from a radically new perspective. You will explore various topics:

  • The position of the modern man
  • How we produce and consume food
  • How and where we live
  • How we deal with our surroundings
  • The way industry develops to address these various issues 

Inspired by guest lectures from internationally-oriented artists and academics, you will work on your own portfolio and research proposal with artist Arne Hendriks to challenge yourself and to develop radical new ideas on existing issues.

Lecturers: Ms. M.M. (Merel) Talbi MSc & Mr. A. (Arne) Hendriks


At the end of the course the student can:

  • Develop his or her imagination in 5 urgent themes: being human, food, cities, nature and new industries
  • Reflect on his or her own imaginative process through introspection and debate
  • Demonstrate the connection between his/her imagination and science
  • Identify and interpret insights from selected artists and scientists on complex problems and their possible solutions.
  • Reflect on given topics and devise relevant questions for further scientific research
  • Verbalize reflections on given topics in academic writing and (b)logging
  • Integrate imaginative practices (from art-based research) with academic research and perspectives on given topics
  • Compose new insights into a scientific research proposal, beyond existing insights provided by the lecturers and presented study materials.


This course is open for UvA students and other parties, such as contract students or students from other institutions. You can register from 6 December until a week before the start of the course. 

Register UvA students (look for code 5512RAIM6Y)

Register other interested parties

If you have any trouble while registering please contact: 

Teaching method

  • Lecture
  • Work independently on eg. Project / thesis


The schedule for this course is published on DataNose.

Study materials

  • Syllabus:
    • Online syllabus with selected articles and other materials as chosen by guest lecturers.


See website

Min/max participants

Max. 60

Assessment and testing

Log Book, Portfolio, take home essay questions, research proposal.

Radical Imagination
Mode Short-term
Credits 6 ECTS,
Language of instruction English
Starts in February