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Research Master
Linguistics and Communication
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Former students

Former students of the RMA Linguistics (which did not include Communication before 2020) about their experiences:

“As an international student with a Linguistics BA from the United States, I was challenged by different theories, frameworks and methodologies during the rMA. However, these challenges really broadened my knowledge of linguistic research and made me more capable of conducting research in multiple subfields of linguistics."

- Kyle Snyder

“This programme is the perfect environment to develop yourself both personally and academically. It challenges you, but it also allows you to explore your unique talents and skills. You are valued for who you are and what you can offer, and the faculty is committed to help you succeed.”

- Elisabet García González

“The rMA Linguistics at the UvA mirrors the diversity of Amsterdam. With a variety of specialists from many different disciplines available, you can create a programme that appeals to you.”

- Sybren Spit

“Pursue your passion or discover it as you go... The research-orientation of the program enhances the curiosity to dive into the beauty of languages. An international mindset encourages the inspiring exchange between students and experts in their fields and, at the same time, teaches the necessary skills for an (academic) career.” 

- Hannah Lutzenberger