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Research Master
Psychology (research)
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Anna (PhD student at UvA, German, 24)

After looking at various Master programmes at different universities, the research Master programme at the UvA provided me with the best opportunity to choose the topics and courses that really fit my interests and abilities.

Most of the courses were research-related, in the sense that we often had to prepare presentations, hold group discussions, and write research papers – sometimes even instead of exams. While these teaching and examination methods require more time and effort than simply learning theories and research techniques by heart, they had a lot more impact and benefits for me than I initially thought. This became apparent when, at the end of my Master’s studies, I successfully wrote a research grant proposal for a PhD position. Or: the hard work paid off and I got the research grant! I am currently working as a PhD student at the clinical department of the UvA.

The unique major-minor structure of the programme does not expect students to focus on one particular field of Psychology, but it encourages students to choose from a multitude of interesting classes and topics. For example, I was always interested in multiple psychological topics, not only clinical Psychology, but also biological and developmental Psychology.

You might have never been to the Netherlands before, but don’t worry: you will feel at home in Amsterdam in no time! The Dutch are known for their liberal views and openness towards other nationalities and cultures. This cultural diversity can also be found at the UvA: many of my former co-students were from all over the world, including countries like Great Britain, Belgium, USA, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Canada, Venezuela..(and the list goes on and on). By expecting you to work with people from different cultural backgrounds and with different work ethics, the research Master programme at the UvA does not only prepare you for a future in academia, it also offers you many ways for personal growth and development.