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Research Master
Psychology (research)
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Lennart (Dutch, 26)

I've found the most surprising feature from student life at the UvA in the Research Master: students were dissatisfied when they passed with 'only' a 7. And although the strive to obtain the highest grades exists, students are not driven by competitiveness and envy. Mastering a topic is rewarding in itself and is encouraged in others.

I believe the friendly, but ambitious atmosphere at the UvA guides you to obtain the help and strive needed to make your study a success, both academically and socially.

I have done my first year elsewhere. However, I wanted to switch to have the possibility for a clinical specialization. Therefore, I've contacted several universities in The Netherlands. The big welcome and helpfulness from the study adviser at the UvA was so good, that my choice for a university was quite easy and clear. This ability for open and friendly communication that all student / study advisers at the UvA seem to possess, remains one of the nicest aspects of the UvA.

If possible, I would recommend to look for a student-room in Amsterdam. This allows you to get to know the city, in  which you're studying, better and makes it easier to come in contact with the 'locals'. Student life is as important as study life!