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Research Master
Psychology (research)
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Sanne (Dutch, 21)

My major is clinical and my minor developmental. I chose to do this research master because it gives me the great opportunity to combine research with gaining clinical experience.

Because I am both interested in research and the clinical field I combine the research master with practical courses from the clinical master and instead of doing the first internship in research I will do a clinical internship in a health institution focused on traumatized people. My experiences so far are really good, I like the study environment, the personal atmosphere and have already learned a lot. This personal environment is really something else than being just one of the other 500 bachelor Psychology students and gives you a great opportunity to learn and participate a lot.

I think a big advantage of this research master is that it’s very flexible and there are a lot of ways how you can reach your own personal goals (for example: in my case this is combining clinical practice with research). In contrast to other Dutch research masters, that are often highly focused on one specific topic, this master provides a lot of different specializations and gives you the opportunity to choose your topic(s) of interest. I am really looking forward to the next two years and I hope to become a very good researcher and clinician. Combining clinical practice and doing research seems the ideal goal for me!