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Research Master
Psychology (research)
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Ting-Yat (Chinese/Hong Kong, 26)

I chose the research Master programme in Psychology offered by the UvA because it has a very unique major-minor structure, allowing me to study and work in a cross-disciplinary environment. This is an advantage over other universities; it helps me to develop a broader horizon in the field of Psychology and merge different perspectives together in research studies.

The UvA further divides a semester into three blocks, resulting in fewer courses required in a period. I quite enjoy this division because I can focus more on the courses I am taking.  Another example should be the involvement in the class. In the programme, many courses are in a small class scale and not based only on lectures. Thus, I have more chance to get involved in the classes. 

The programme equips students with both most-updated knowledge of Psychology and in-lab practice. Although it leads to an intensive schedule, I definitely gained benefits from it.  The nature of my programme is research oriented. I like the fact that the programme has a good balance between research activities and subject knowledge.  My classmates, lab-mates, supervisors, lecturers, administrative staff of the department and professors, all these people leave me a great impression. They are really helpful and nice.  If you decide to come here for your study, don’t forget to bring your waterproof jackets and have a good physical strength! The Netherlands is the kingdom of bikes. Most people living here ride their bikes every day, even in rainy and windy days. It will be better if you can prepare your clothes and body for this unique but healthy lifestyle here.