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Public International Law (Research Master's)

Meet the staff members of the Research Master Public International Law of the Amsterdam Law School.

mr. dr. C.M. (Catherine) Brölmann

Programme Director

prof. dr. Y.M. (Yvonne) Donders

Lecturer - International Human Rights Law

prof. dr. P.J. (Pieter Jan) Kuijper

Lecturer - Law of Public International Organization

prof. mr. P.A. (André) Nollkaemper

Lecturer - International and European Law in the National Legal Order; State Responsibility in International Law

dr. A.E. (Marieke) Oderkerk

Lecturer - Comparative Law and Comparative Legal Research

prof. mr. dr. H.G. (Harmen) van der Wilt

Lecturer - European Criminal Law

Prof. I. (Ingo) Venzke

Lecturer - International Dispute Settlement, International Trade Law, WTO Moot Court