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Research structure

Research is conducted in faculty, inter-faculty and inter-university research institutes and schools. The University Committee on Research is the central advisory body for research policy.

Institutes, centres and schools

Research activities at each faculty are organised within one or more research institutes. The quality of the research is assessed by independent review committees every six years. The research director is responsible for the quality and relevance of the research and for the Institute’s strategic direction.

The UvA also participates in a large number of national research schools in which the research institutes of different universities collaborate. National research schools provide high-quality and highly rated PhD programmes for the benefit of the research units participating in the research school. The UvA is the lead organisation in a number of schools.

In addition to research institutes, the UvA has a number of research centres. These are collaborative, and often interdisciplinary, initiatives on the part of researchers and research institutes that have been set up around a specific research theme.

University Committee on Research (UOC)

The University Committee on Research (UOC) is an advisory body charged with advising the Executive Board on operational and strategic issues relating to research conducted at the University of Amsterdam.