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Doctoral programme

Have you found a doctoral position? Before you get started, familiarise yourself with the steps that are required as part of your doctoral programme.

Doctorate Regulations 

In the Doctorate Regulations, the UvA' s Doctorate Board has set out the procedures, tasks and responsibilities associated with obtaining a doctorate. Every PhD candidate and doctoral conferral at the UvA must comply with the provisions of these regulations. You must therefore familiarise yourself with the provisions of these regulations before embarking on your doctoral programme. The step-by-step instructions below summarise what you need to do when. The Doctorate Regulations tell you exactly how to proceed.

Modifications to the 2014 Doctorate Regulations

Extension of the right to supervise PhD candidates

As per 1 September 2017, the right to act as supervisor to PhD candidates (ius promovendi) has been extended to staff who are not full professors. Previously only full professors held this right. 

The Doctorate Board has laid this change down in the dosument Regulations for extending the ius promovendi. The Doctorate Regulations have also been adjusted in certain areas, and these modifications have been laid down in an addendum.

PhD research in the arts

The Doctorate Board has decided to adopt provisions that make it possible to facilitate doctorate research in the arts. These provisions have been included in an addendum to the 2014 Doctorate Regulations.