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UvA385 Grants for PhD candidates

In honour of its 385th anniversary, the UvA introduced special UvA385 grants at the beginning of 2017. These grants enable UvA PhD candidates to gain relevant international experience for their research. The grants will be awarded in two rounds: the first grants were awarded in June 2017, and the application period for the second round of grants will begin in early 2018.

UvA385 grants in 2017

The large number of applications (94) demonstrated that there was certainly a demand for these grants. All faculties were represented by the doctoral researchers who obtained grants.

UvA385 grants in 2018

The second application round for the UvA385 grants will begin on 8 January. PhD candidates may submit their applications from this date until 2 April 2018. Applicants will be notified of the results in June 2018.

About the UvA385 grants

The UvA385 grants are intended to enable PhD candidates to gain relevant experience outside of the Netherlands during their doctoral programme, bringing added value to their research. A grant may not be used for a purpose which is a condition for completing the doctoral programme.

The UvA385 grants are funded in collaboration with the Amsterdam University Fund. The Doctorate Board awards the grants on the recommendation of a selection committee. The UvA385 grants are supplementary to existing grants and scholarships.

UvA385 grants for PhD candidates

The University of Amsterdam celebrated its 385th anniversary in 2017 and a new type of grant was created to mark this occasion: the UvA385 grant. This grant enables PhD candidates to gain international experience which brings added value to their research. The UvA385 grants are supplementary to the regular opportunities available.

The grants can be used for various purposes: from attending a conference or taking a course to visiting colleagues abroad. This is subject to the condition that the use of the grant funds is clearly in line with the candidate’s doctoral research and brings added value to that research. In addition, the grant may not be used for a purpose which is a condition for completing the doctoral programme.

The UvA385 grants represent a collaboration between the University of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam University Fund, and are awarded by the Doctorate Board.

What are the grants, who are they for and how much are they worth?

  • The grants are intended to enable students to acquire additional international experience on top of their regular opportunities.
  • The grants are aimed at UvA PhD candidates approved by the Doctorate Board who are actively working on research.
  • The UvA385 grants are worth up to €3,000 per grant
  • The grants will be awarded in two rounds (2017 and 2018).

Timeline for second round

Deadline for applications during 2nd round

2 April 2018 at 08:00 (UTC +1)

Applications assessed by the selection committee

April – May 2018

Definitive decision for 1st round by Doctorate Board

June 2018

Announcement of grant recipients

July 2018

Selection procedure for second round

  • The applications will first be checked against the conditions and assessed for completeness. Any application which does not meet the conditions and/or is incomplete will be declared inadmissible. The applications which are declared admissible will then be handed over to the selection committee.
  • The selection committee is made up of five members: The Rector, Prof. Stanley Brul (professor of Molecular Biology and Microbial Food Safety, FNWI), Prof. Agneta Fischer (professor of Emotions and Affective Processes, FMG), Dr. Frank Zuijdam (Head of Academic Affairs) and Dr. Kim van Gennip (Academic Affairs policy adviser).
  • The selection committee will assess the applications based on predefined criteria.

In a final step, the selected applicants will be presented to the Doctorate Board, which will make a definitive decision regarding the awarding of the grants.

Conditions for grant eligibility

  • the PhD candidate has been approved by the Doctorate Board;
  • the PhD candidate has not yet obtained his/her doctoral degree at the time of the activity;
  • the PhD candidate is actively working on research;
  • the grant funds will be spent on an activity that brings added value to the PhD candidate’s research;
  • the purpose for which the grant will be used is not a condition for completing the doctoral programme;
  • the grant funds will be spent by September 2019; 
  • the doctoral candidate was not awarded a UvA 385 grant in the previous round; 
  • the budget does not cover expenses for food and beverages. The grant may be used to cover accommodation expenses.

Assessment criteria

  • Relevance of purpose and proposed activity/activities

Explanation: the applicant must demonstrate that the purpose and the proposed activity/activities will substantially enhance doctoral research at the UvA. The purpose and proposed activities add an extra dimension to the research (i.e. this does not apply to planned, necessary fieldwork).

  • Quality of motivation letter (enthusiasm, persuasiveness)

Explanation: the applicant must be highly motivated about the proposed purpose and activity/activities and explain this motivation with conviction.

  • Quality of letter of recommendation by PhD principal/co-supervisor (information about relevant additional international experience, enthusiasm, confidence)

Explanation: the principal/co-supervisor should discuss the relevance and extra dimension of the proposal in relation to the PhD candidate’s doctoral research. The letter of recommendation should also show that the principal/co-supervisor has confidence in the PhD candidate.

In assessing applications, the selection committee will also consider the distribution across academic disciplines, topics, universities and countries.