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Practical housing matters

This page contains information about municipal taxes, insurances and other practical housing matters.

  • Hygiene
    • As Amsterdam is also popular amongst all kinds of vermin, it is very important to keep the apartment clean. Read more about pest control.
    • Rubbish should be thrown into the collective rubbish containers. Read more about waste and recycling.
  • Nuisance

    If you experience problems with your neighbours, and you have not been able to solve these problems yourself:

    • Firstly, always contact your housing corporation and your UvA housing officer. The corporation may be able to act as a mediator between you and your neighbours.
    • Housing corporations have contacts with various services providing mediation, such as Meldpunt Zorg en Overlast and Beter Buren. You can also contact these organisations yourself.
  • Subletting

    In certain cases, subletting is permitted, for example in case of field work or personal circumstances. You need to apply for this through the UvA Longstay office.

  • Pets

    Unfortunately, pets are not allowed. Exceptions are made for emotional support animals and assistance dogs.

  • Safety and emergencies
    • All accommodations should have a smoke alarm, plus a carbon monoxide alarm for an accommodation with heating that runs on gas. In case these alarms are missing, please call the maintenance department of your housing corporation.
    • In case of an emergency, dial 112.
    • In case of a (suspected) gas leak, dial 0800-9009.
    • In a non-emergency situation, you can contact the police via 0900-8844.
    • In case of any damage to the building: please call the maintenance department of your housing corporation. You can find the contact details on the housing corporation’s website.
    • Always inform your housing officer about the situation.

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