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Research at the UvA

Academic Integrity Committee

One way to monitor academic integrity is to exercise the right to submit a complaint when employees of the University of Amsterdam have violated or are suspected of having violated academic integrity.

In order to facilitate this process, the UvA has adopted Academic Integrity Complaints Regulations (2013) and established an Academic Integrity Committee. This committee investigates complaints and subsequently issues a recommendation to the Executive Board.

The (permanent) Academic Integrity Committee consists of:

  • Prof. J.E. Soeharno LLM (chairman)
  • Prof. N. Zelcer (member)
  • Prof. A.J.C. de Moor - van Vugt LLM (member)

The Academic Integrity Complaints Regulations describe what is meant by infringement of academic integrity and outline the procedure for submitting a complaint.

Submitting a complaint about academic integrity

Complaints can be submitted to the Academic Integrity Committee, either directly or through the Executive Board. The Academic Integrity Committee will first assess whether the complaint is admissible. If the Committee deems the complaint to be admissible, it will proceed to evaluate the substance of the complaint based on further investigation, if desired. The Committee will submit its advice to the Executive Board, stating whether or not the complaint should be deemed admissible. After receiving this advice, the Executive Board will render its judgement.

Committee contact details

 J.M.C. (Miek) Krol, Head of Legal Affairs
T: +31 (0)20 525 2736