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Research at the UvA

Confidential advisers for academic integrity

If you have any questions about academic integrity, you can contact our confidential advisers for academic integrity. Your questions and suspicions relating to academic integrity violations will be treated confidentially.

These will have no direct or indirect detrimental effect on you as the complainant, unless you have not acted in good faith. The foregoing also applies to witnesses, experts, confidential advisers and Committee members.

A confidential adviser on each campus

Each UvA campus (ACTA, AMC, City Centre Campus, Roeterseiland Campus and Science Park) has one confidential adviser for academic integrity:

  • City Centre: Prof. Frans Grijzenhout
  • Roeterseiland Campus: Prof. A.M.B. de Groot
  • AMC: Prof. E.T. van Bavel (temporary replacement for prof. dr. Hanneke de Haes)
  • ACTA: Prof. C. van Loveren
  • Science Park: Prof.  J.A.E.F. van Dongen

This ensures adequate representation for the various research domains at the UvA (humanities, exact sciences, social sciences and medical sciences). The confidential advisers have expertise in one of these domains, but work institution-wide. Staff, students and other interested parties can consult a confidential adviser from a different discipline/campus if they have reason to do so.


The confidential advisers have three tasks:

  • serve as a point of contact for questions about the academic integrity of students and staff
  • mediate complaints or determine some other amicable resolution where possible
  • inform complainants and potential complainants regarding the procedure for submitting a complaint to the Academic Integrity Committee

These tasks are described in the University of Amsterdam’s Academic Integrity Complaints Regulations (2013).

Contact details for confidential advisers

prof. dr. F. (Frans) Grijzenhout

Faculty of Humanities

Capaciteitsgroep Kunstgeschiedenis

prof. dr. A.M.B. (Annette) de Groot

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

Programme group Brain and Cognition

Prof. E.T. van Bavel


020-566 5203

prof. dr. C. (Cor) van Loveren

prof. dr. J.A.E.F. (Jeroen) van Dongen

Faculty of Science