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Heritage, Memory and Archaeology Research Seminar by Patricia Lulof (UvA) on the creation of a Virtual Archaeological Park and Agriturismo with replicas of Etruscan houses in Acquarossa.

Detail Summary
Date 1 May 2019
Time 15:00 - 17:00
Location University Library
Room Venue: UvA/Belle van Zuylenzaal

Acquarossa (named after the red-coloured creek surrounding the tuff plateau) is an Etruscan town near Viterbo, Italy. The town has been discovered in the1960s. Excavations carried out by the Swedish Institute in Rome revealed a series of Etruscan houses, inhabited from the 8th century BC until the middle of the 6th century BC, when the town was suddenly abandoned. The houses were left to crumble and the remains of the foundations, the walls and the decorated roofs, as well as the thousands of household utensils, were all found in situ. It is one of the very few examples of an intact Etruscan townscape, with a unique set of family dwellings from the past.

In the proposed project an Etruscan townscape will be recreated;  modelled results created by the 4D Research Lab (ACHI-AHM) will be integrated in an Archaeological Park and Museum in such a way that international scholars and visitors can acknowledge and study at the site, 3D reconstructions of a  series of Etruscan houses within their successive phases of creation, function, reception, destruction, and virtual reconstruction.

Since 2014, the speaker has been involved in an interdisciplinary research project, in collaboration with the Soprintendenza per I Beni culturali di Lazio e Etruria meridionale, the British School in Rome, and the Swedish Institute in Rome, and the private partner Azienda Agrituristico Raffaele Rocchi, which focuses on the reconstruction of a set of houses (Zona B and Zona F) in annotated 3D models. These models will be used to build actual guest-houses for tourism at the site itself, for which permission has been granted. The project will be carried out with international advisors and students from the University of Amsterdam (through tutorials, internships, theses, modeling practices).

University Library
University Library

Room Venue: UvA/Belle van Zuylenzaal

Singel 425
1012 WP Amsterdam