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Faculteitskamer (1.17) Oude Turfmarkt 147, Amsterdam Organizers: Matthé Scholten and Dilek Yamali

Event details of On Moral Responsibility
Start date 16 September 2014
End date 17 September 2014
Time 10:00

Thursday, October 16

  • Andreas Leonhard Menges (Berlin, Humboldt) Appropriate Blame and the Structure of Responsibility
  • Katrien Schaubroeck (Antwerp) What Does It Mean to Call Moral Responsibility a Second-Personal Concept?
  • Frank Hindriks (Groningen) Corporate Responsibility and the Duty of Accountability
  • Liesbet Vanhaute (Antwerp) Praise for Angry Blame
  • Dilek Yamali (Amsterdam, UvA) Kant on Moral Dilemmas and Moral Responsibility

Friday, October 17

  • Claudia Blöser (Frankfurt) The Prospective and Retrospective Aspect of Forgiveness
  • Carla Bagnoli (Modena) Responsibility, Blame and Respect
  • Jan Willem Wieland (Amsterdam, VU) Indifference and Excuses
  • Matthé Scholten (Amsterdam, UvA) For What It’s Worth: Praise, Blame, and the Excuse of Inadvertence
  • Maureen Sie (Rotterdam) Free Will, an Illussion? An Answer from a Pragmatic Sentimentalist Point of View