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Information about the PhD in English Literature at the University of Amsterdam

The PhD in English Literature at the University of Amsterdam

The University of Amsterdam offers a PhD degree in English Literature and we encourage interested candidates from both the Netherlands and abroad to contact us with their inquiries and applications.

The degree takes three years of full-time study to complete (or 4-5 years with part-time study) and is granted on the basis of a PhD dissertation that makes an original contribution to scholarship. Students work closely with a supervisor specialized in their area of interest to write a dissertation of approximately 70,000 words (250 pages).

If you are interested in applying to our PhD program, we encourage you first to visit the webpages of the English Literature faculty members and to make contact directly with the most relevant person about your research topic and the possibility of supervision. Our faculty members can also advise you on admissions and funding.

PhD Admission and Funding

Although supervision is provided by the English Literature Department, the PhD admission process is completed through one of the two research institutes with which our Department is affiliated: either the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (ASCA) or the Institute of Culture and History (ICG). Our faculty members can advise you on which research institute is appropriate for your project.

Every year, a limited number of fully-funded PhD fellowships are offered through ASCA and ICG. Please consult their websites for further details concerning the application procedures and submission deadlines.

It is also possible to be admitted to the PhD degree as an externally-funded or self-funded student. In such cases, application for admission still needs to be made to one of the research institutes (ASCA or ICG) and their websites contain information about what is required. In exceptional cases, part-time study arrangements are also possible.

About the Department of English Literature

Our research staff includes international experts working on topics such as early-modern literature, 18th-century literature, Victorian literature, modernism, postmodernism, popular culture, as well as literary/cultural theory, film, and new media. Many of our faculty members come from interdisciplinary backgrounds and we encourage applications from students working on topics that cross disciplinary boundaries as well as from candidates working on more traditional topics in English literature.

The Department of English Literature provides a stimulating academic environment conducive to research and writing as well as to teaching and learning. We hold regular faculty seminars which host renowned international speakers as well as regular PhD seminars on topics such as urban culture and contemporary literature. Students are also welcome to attend graduate seminars in other departments such as film, television studies, new media, American studies, or any other language department at the University of Amsterdam.

Our department also regularly hosts conferences on a wide variety of topics and PhD candidates are encouraged to participate in these as well as in relevant conferences at other universities. The following are conferences that have recently been organized by faculty members and graduate students from our department:

  • Generation M: Resetting Modernist Time
  • Inert Cities
  • Questioning Urban Modernity
  • Poetry and the Self
  • Paris-Amsterdam Underground
  • Critical Finance Studies III
  • Imagining Amsterdam
  • Globalization and Violence
  • 3rd Annual Literature on Screen Conference

All of our faculty members are research active, and publish a variety of books, articles, and reviews. More information on staff publications can be found via the link below.