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On 9 January, Cecilia Odé (1946-2019) passed away. Cecilia studied Slavonic Languages and Literatures at the University of Amsterdam, and in 1989 obtained her doctorate from Leiden University for her research on Russian intonation.

She completed multiple projects on Russian, Indonesian, Papuan languages, and Paleosiberian languages. For these projects, Cecilia conducted extensive fieldwork in remote areas. Odé was specialised in intonation, ethnolinguistics, and endangered languages. Cecilia Odé’s legacy for the broader public include her documentation of Mpur (Bird’s Head area, Irian Jaya), her extensive documentation of Tundra Yukagir (in Andryushkino, Sakhalin, Yakutia), and the website Endangered Languages. Aside from her work as a researcher, Odé was a video director and photographer and wrote illustrated travel letters about her fieldwork. These travel letters have recently been published in book form and give a good impression of her work and her commitment. Cecilia’s joyful and enthusiastic presence will be sorely missed by her colleagues.