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From September 2019 until September 2022, Ihab Saloul will hold the chair 'Memory Studies and Narrative' at the International Centre for the Humanities Studies ‘Umberto Eco' (ex Scuola Superiore di Studi Umanistici), and the TraMe Center for the Interdisciplinary Study of Cultural Memory and Traumas, at the University of Bologna.

Ihab Saloul

The chair is intended for outstanding researchers who are very active in their professional fields. Its goal is both to promote education in and research into heritage and memory studies, narrative, semiotics and trauma museums, as well as to reinforce international collaboration between the University of Bologna and the University of Amsterdam. As chair holder, Saloul will develop a PhD seminar about 'memory and narrative'. He will also actively participate in Bologna's academic programme and contribute to the network and research proposals of the Umberto Eco and TraMe centres.