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The NRC has published an article about undesirable behaviour, focused on a teacher from the UvA's Faculty of Humanities. The article paints a stark picture of the behaviour of this employee and of the general atmosphere within the study programme.

We deeply regret that these students had to experience this. Our primary concern is ensuring that students can study in a safe environment at all times. The students did not want to file a complaint or participate in the ombudsman’s investigation. Reports were made on three occasions, after which the lecturer in question was spoken to about his behaviour which he then immediately adjusted. An improvement process was also initiated within the programme.

Social safety is an important topic. We must be able to discuss it, both within organisations and in the media. We therefore contributed to an article about undesirable behaviour, what it does to those affected, and how to deal with anonymous complaints.

However, we find the picture that the NRC article paints based on anonymous sources to be very unbalanced. It is very clear that not enough attention has been paid to the rebuttal from both the teacher in question and his direct colleagues. Furthermore, it suggests that nothing was done following the reports that were made, although that is not the case. Unfortunately, it does not do justice to the circumstances of this complex case. We said as much to the NRC prior to publication.

Fred Weerman, dean of the Faculty of Humanities
Geert ten Dam, president of the Executive Board

Dean Fred Weerman discussed the case in a vlog published on 7 May: