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On 20 February the BètaBreak will discuss lab-grown meat.

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Date 20 February 2019
Time 12:00 - 13:00

Lab-grown meat on our plates is something many of us cannot wait for. Because of the detriments to our environment, the suffering of animals, health and other reasons, many people have given up meat. Yet many of them did so with pain in their heart, for meat is loved by even those who choose to abstain from it. For a large percentage of vegans and vegetarians (and also meat consumers), lab grown meat will therefore be a welcome addition to their diets.

But how far is the lab-grown meat technology? How is it made? Are there better solutions? How should lab grown meat be legislated? And what does developments in this field mean for conventional meat production?

All these questions will be asked (and answered!) on the during the BètaBreak of February. If you want to know more about the future of lab grown meat, don’t miss this event!

Guest speakers

- Daan Luining (Lab-grown meat company Meatable)

- Karin Verzijden (Food regulation expert at Axon Lawyers)

- Bert Urlings (Corporate Director Quality Assurance and Public Affairs at Vion Food)

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During the monthly BètaBreak a current science-related issue is being discussed. The BètaBreak is an initiative of science students at the UvA, supported by the Faculty of Science.

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