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Do we need personal chef-cooks to overcome Crohn’s - disease? Or a Colitis - Hello Fresh - box? Can we influence ‘Happy Aging’ by adjusting the taste and texture of products? And what about behavior and food uptake in cities? How to create a healthy environment for adolescents? And do feces-transplantations really change the behavior of people? These questions and many more will be addressed during the Amsterdam Green Campus event Personalized Food.

Event details of Amsterdam Green Campus event: Personalized Food
Date 28 January 2020
Time 12:30 -17:30

In the morning of the event there are a number of round table discussions. There are still some positions open for attending these discussions; see the Amsterdam Green Campus website for more information.

In the afternoon everyone is free to join.


12.30h You are welcome in central hall Science Park 904

13.00h Opening Wil Bekkering, Director Aeres Hogeschool Almere (lecture hall C0.05)

13.30h How enriched diets with micronutrients or fatty acids protect against early life stress-induced effects,

Aniko Korosi (UvA/SILS)

14.00h Presentation Table 1: Feike van der Leij, Inholland

14.15h Effect of feces transplantation on disease and behavior, Ilias Attaye, UMC

14.45h Presentation Table 2: Johan van Limbergen, UMC

15.00h Presentation Table 3: Elise Gieling, AERES Almere

15.15h Break

15.45h A new diet (Crohn’s disease Exclusion Diet) to change the composition of your microbiome,

Johan van Limbergen, UMC

16.15h Presentation Table 4: Sigrid Wertheim-Heck, WUR-Aeres.

16.30h Personalized nutrition and health, New business development, Nard Clabbers TNO

17.00h Music & drinks