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Worldwide women are still under-represented in science. What are the causes, and what can be done about it? The Indian government recently conducted two larges studies addressing these questions. On 21 November professor Rohini Godbole, one of India’s most prominent particle physicists, will give a lecture about these two studies and the plans to improve the position of women in science in India.

Rohini Godbole
Rohini Godbole. Photo: IIS Bangalore

After the lecture there will be a panel discussion with guests from different scientific backgrounds. The discussion will focus on the similarities and differences between the situation in India and the situation in the Netherlands.

This Special Colloquium is for everyone who works or studies at the Amsterdam Science Park. It will be held in English.

More information about professor Godbole and the content of her lecture can be found at the Institute of Physics, where she is currently Visiting Professor.


Date: 21 November 2018, starting at 15:00
Location: Science Park 904, C1.110

15:00 Welcome and introduction
15:10 Women in Science: The story from India
15:45 Audience questions for Prof. Godbole
16:00 Panel discussion
16:30 End of programme, drinks at Academisch Kwartier