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The Paul Scholten Centre for Jurisprudence cordially invites you to a research colloquium with Chris Reinders Folmer & Benjamin van Rooij entitled 'Compliance in the 1.5 Meter Society: Longitudinal Analysis of Citizens’ Adherence to COVID-19 Mitigation Measures in a Representative Sample in the Netherlands'.

Event details of Compliance in the 1.5 Meter Society: Longitudinal Analysis of Citizens’ Adherence to COVID-19 Mitigation Measures
Date 7 July 2020
Time 12:00 -13:00

The COVID-19 coronavirus arguably constitutes the biggest health crisis of our time. In order to contain it,governments across the world have implemented drastic measures, which have required billions of people to massively, and suddenly change their behavior. For the most, it seems that this approach has been quite successful. Mobility data demonstrates large drops in human activity trends compared to before the pandemic. But what motivated citizens to comply with mitigation measures? This question is not well understood. Nevertheless, understanding why citizens complied is essential for future policy, as the threat of a second wave continues to loom large.

This project examines which processes contributed to compliance with COVID-19 mitigation measures within the Netherlands. In three surveys (early April, early May, and late May 2020), we studied how compliance may relate to insights on rule breaking or following from psychology, criminology, sociology, and economics. We find no indication that compliance relates to deterrence or enforcement. Rather, citizens’ compliance derived from their support of the measures, their capacity to follow them, and the social norms in their environment – as well as their personality (e.g., impulsivity, personal obligation to obey the law). Based on these findings, we advance recommendations on how to sustain compliance in future policy

Chris Reinders Folmer, Malouke Kuiper, Elke Olthuis, Emmeke Kooistra, Anne de Bruijn, Megan Brownlee, Benjamin van Rooij (UvA Law) and Adam Fine (Arizona State University)

The paper can be downloaded here:
Meeting ID: 943 0903 5671
Password: Covid