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AIID would like to invite you to this lecture by mr. Emmanuel Jimenez (Director of the WDR 2007).

Event details of World Development Report 2007: Development and the Next Generation
Date 26 January 2007
Time 14:00 -14:00
Location Gijsbert van Tienhovengebouw

World Development Report 2007: Development and the Next Generation
by mr. Emmanuel Jimenez * (Director of the WDR 2007).


The time has never been better to invest in young people living in developing countries - that is the message of this year’s World Development Report, the twenty-ninth in the series. The number of people worldwide aged 12-24 years has reached 1.3 billion, the largest in history. It is also the healthiest and best-educated - a strong base on which to build on in a world that demands more than basic skills.
Today’s youth are tomorrow’s workers, entrepreneurs, parents, active citizens and leaders. And, because of falling fertility, they will have fewer children than their parents as they move through adulthood. This in turn may boost growth-by raising the share of the population that is working and by boosting household savings. Rich and poor countries alike need to seize this opportunity by investing in the human capital of young people before the aging of societies closes it.
Decisions about investing in the human capital of young people are particularly important as they go through five pivotal life transitions: continued learning beyond primary school ages, beginning to work, confronting new health risks, forming families and exercising citizenship. Successful policies are those that expand opportunities, that enhance the capability of youth to choose among them and that provide them a second chance in the event of poor choices.

* Emmanuel Jimenez, from the Philippines, has held a variety of positions as an economist and manager in the policy, research and operational units of the World Bank. He is currently Sector Director, Human Development, in the World Bank’s East Asia Region, where he is responsible for managing operational staff working on education and health issues. Prior to this position, he held a similar position in the Bank’s South Asia Region. In 2005-06, he also led the team that prepared the World Development Report 2007: Development and the Next Generation. Before 2000, he served for many years in the Bank’s Development Economics Staff, where he managed staff and also engaged in research on a variety of issues, including education and health finance, the private provision of social services, the economics of transfer programs and urban development. Before joining the World Bank, Mr. Jimenez was on the faculty of the economics department at the University of Western Ontario in London, Canada.

Gijsbert van Tienhovengebouw

Roetersstraat 31
1018 WB Amsterdam


You don’t need to sign in in advance for this lecture. Informal gathering and drinks will follow after the lecture.