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Research shows that UvA Economics graduates receive the highest salary in the job market compared to graduates in other studies. This is one of the findings of a SEO Amsterdam Economics study based on CBS microdata.


Attractive monthly salary

The researchers of the study state that economists can count on an attractive monthly salary of €2,840 gross, as soon as they entered paid employment. Holiday allowance, annual bonuses and flexible bonuses are not included in this figure. This means that the monthly earnings of graduates from financial and economic programmes are on average higher than the salary of graduates from other programmes.

UvA Economics graduates earn more

The researchers also compared the salary between institutions. Economists graduating from the University of Amsterdam receive the highest salary according to the study. Differences between institutions can have various reasons. Institutions with excellent lecturers, high-quality teaching materials, and good facilities are likely to deliver productive economists with good employment perspectives.

About the research

The research is published in the ESB article ‘De waarde van een economiestudie op de arbeidsmarkt’ which focused on economists who graduated 18 months to ten years ago, in the 2015/2016 and 2006/2007 academic year.