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Haitam Ben Yahia

Haitam Ben Yahia
Photo: Haitam Ben Yahia

Chapman University is a very small university (under 10.000 students) located in a small city with mostly residential homes, but there is so much more going on than meets the eye. Chapman hosts several activities each week, and there are many clubs you can join during your exchange that organise trips like hiking, going to Disney Land or camping in the desert! The academic life was a bit different compared to that of University of Amsterdam. Classes are quite small and interaction within class is very encouraged and was in my case part of my eventual grade.

Chapman University
Photo: Chapman University

There are several facilities to help you study, including a library and plenty of study areas. The classes I have had the opportunity to attend were very clear and straight forward.


I also enjoyed the fact that i could exercise in many different ways, there are swimming pools, a football field and gyms you can use. Yoga/group fitness classes were also present during my stay. I encourage you to try to meet many people as this was the most prominent way to discover these activities. I could go on and on about things to do and I didn't even mention the surrounding areas. The beach, the mountains and the desert are within driving distance (if you can, you should buy a car) . California has amazing scenary and I'm glad I went out to see it.