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University of Toronto
Photo: University of Toronto

I chose the University of Toronto for my exchange destination not only because it had a very good reputation and their Computer Science programme was excellent, but mainly because the idea of studying in a huge international city like Toronto with an American character but still some kind of European touch to it really appealed to me. I never regretted this choice. Toronto is an amazing city with multiple sides to it ranging from the beautiful old St. George campus and the Annex neighborhood to the Manhattan-like Financial District. And then there are the beaches. The university itself is really organised and easy to get in touch with and I would say comparable to the UvA in terms of difficulty.

Road trip

One of the most exciting things I have done during my exchange was renting out a cabin in the woods next to a lake close to Algonquin Park with fourteen other exchange students. We stayed there for an extended weekend and all we did was hike, swim, relax and enjoy the Canadian summer (which was unexpectedly warm). I would definitely recommend going on a lot of trips. Even though there is so much to do in Toronto itself, nothing beats renting a car with a group of friends and going for a road trip.

Joris Baan
Photo: Joris Baan

As for activities in Toronto, early in the semester there is a music festival held on the Toronto Islands which is a great place to go to with your new friends. Also, Kensington Market is unbeatable for a coffee or lunch (Rasta Pasta!!). Altogether I had an amazing exchange in Toronto because of the university, the city, the friends I made and the trips I have been on. I would definitely recommend going on exchange to Toronto. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.