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Course registration

Course registration

Amsterdam Law School

In order to take part in the degree programme, you must register for courses during the registration period.

Phases course registration semester 1 2020-2021

Tuesday, 7 July at 13.00h, the course registration will start for semester 1 of 2020-2021. You have until Thursday 17 July 13:00h to apply for courses. In this extraordinary time, the Faculty of Law has decided to divide the course application process into several phases for this semester. This approach offers you the certainty of a place in the course and gives us the opportunity to plan and organize the classes better. The course application process consists of the following phases:

  • Course registration phase 1: As of Tuesday July 7 (until 17 July), you register for the courses you want to follow in semester 1.
  • Course registration phase 2: In the second half of August (exact dates will follow as soon as possible), you will register for the corresponding workgroups of your courses in block 1.
  • Course registration phase 3: For the corresponding workgroups in blocks 2 and 3, you register during the academic year, most probably in September.

Watch the video below to get instructions on how to register for courses.

How to register for an exam or resit?

If you are registered for a course, you will automatically also be registered for the examination. You will be automatically registered for the resit only if you fail the examination. If you did not sit the examination (no mark is registered) or if you wish to resit an exam you passed, then you must register for the resit yourself via


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