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Course registration

Amsterdam Law School

In order to take part in the degree programme, you must register for courses during the registration period.

Course registration 2021-2022

The course registration periods for Master's courses are:

  • Semester 1: Tuesday, 6 July (13:00) until Thursday, 15 July (13:00)
  • Semester 2: Tuesday, 7 December (08:00) until Tuesday, 21 December (13:00)

Please note: if you want to join an Amsterdam Law Clinic you need to apply before the 18th of June

For the course registration dates for Bachelor's courses, see the registration periods.

Watch the video below to get instructions on how to register for courses.

How to register for an exam or resit?

If you are registered for a course, you will automatically also be registered for the examination and the resit. 


Do you still have questions after reading this page? Check the frequently asked questions to see if the questions has already been answered. Otherwise please contact the Education desk.