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Thesis (Master's)

Requests concerning thesis route

If you cannot meet the deadlines because of unexpected circumstances you may file an application for postponement of one of the deadlines.  Make sure you give arguments for your request and ask the permission of your supervisor in advance. This permission should be attached to your request. Also, you can only make this request if you have a doctor’s statement or an advice statement from a study advisor.

Please note that extracurricular activities, like an internship, work, or extra master, are no reason for the Examinations Commission to grant a postponement.

Request postponement thesis route

Switch to next thesis track

Switching to the next thesis track with the same subject and supervisor is not possible. It is possible to stop the current track and register again for the next track. You are not allowed to use the same topic again in the next thesis track. You are allowed to write within the same area of legal study and be supervised by the same supervisor (if available).