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Thesis (Master's)

Publishing your thesis

Amsterdam Law School

When the Master’s thesis has been successfully completed and you have received your final assessment via email, it is time to confirm if we can publish your thesis.

Submitting your thesis to the UvA’s online thesis database

UvA Theses Online is the online database which allows global access to theses from the University of Amsterdam. Unless the authors object, the Amsterdam Law School publishes all Master’s theses in this database. Theses remain in the database for ten years, after which time they are automatically deleted.

How do you submit a digital version of your thesis?

  • After completing your Master’s thesis you will automatically receive a link in your email to approve or reject the online publication of your thesis.
  • Complete the Theses Online digital submission form, even if you object to publication, for example if you have pledged secrecy or if you have contracted with a commercial publisher.
  • If you agree to publication, include a short, 500-word summary of your thesis and a list of key words so that others will be able to find your thesis easily using online search terms.
  • You are kindly requested to upload your thesis (preferably a pdf file) while filling out this form. Please make sure you remove all personal information before submitting the file, since the complete and unabridged version of the thesis you handed in will be published.

Theses online Amsterdam Law School