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Study Advisers

Decisions during your studies

Would you like guidance when making choices during your studies? Read more below about what we can offer you.

I have to make a choice

You have to make a lot of choices during your studies. Which degree programme do I choose? Which Master's? Will I do an internship, take a minor or study abroad? Which electives are best suited to my preferences? We can provide you with guidance when making these choices.

I have questions about my career

What kind of job do I want after completing my studies? What are my interests, ambitions and skills? We can explore what kind of work would be most suitable for you.

I may decide to stop with my studies

When you have doubts about your choice of study, you can meet with us to discuss if the programme is suitable for you. There are also steps you can take to determine this. If you ultimately decide to stop, you can terminate your enrolment.

I would like to participate in a training, workshop, or test, focusing on my possible future career

In addition to individual guidance, the Economics and Business Career Centre provides trainings and workshops that focus on career development. For students who are having trouble choosing their degree, the Economics and Business Career Centre offers tests, trainings and orientation sessions to gain insight into personal qualities, interests and competences.