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Study Advisers

Study delays

Are you experiencing a study delay, or do you expect that your studies will be delayed at some point in the future? Read more below about the options available to you. Has your study delay been caused by personal circumstances? If so, it is important that you inform us about this.

I am experiencing a study delay

A study delay results when you have not passed all of your programme’s courses in your first attempt. This means you will take longer than three years to complete your bachelor’s programme, or longer than one year to complete your master’s programme. If you visit our office, we can explore the reasons for why you didn’t pass all your courses and discuss if you need additional help or resources. Also take a look at Studying Effectively and Study planning.
Sometimes a study delay arises because of personal circumstances. Read more about this below.

I am experiencing a study delay due to personal circumstances

Personal circumstances can sometimes cause a study delay. In consultation with you, we can see if your schedule can be adjusted to help deal with your personal circumstances. Another option is to temporarily terminate your enrolment. If personal circumstances are causing a study delay for you, it is important that you contact us as soon as possible. By doing so, you may be eligible for special arrangements such as an exemption from Binding Study Advice, or financial support.