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During the second and third year of your Bachelor’s programme, you can opt to take part in the Honours programme. If you are interested, you can apply for the programme from 6 July up to 14 August 2020.

Admission criteria

Due to the coronavirus, the admission criteria for students of the cohort 2019-2020 will be changed temporarily. For more information, go to Honours programme.

  • You have completed the first year of your study;
  • and your weighted average mark is a 7.5 or higher.

Admission procedure

You can apply for placement in the Honours programme by filling in the form below and uploading the following documents:

  1. A motivation letter of one A4-sized page, indicating your reasons for applying for the Honours programme and what makes you a suitable candidate. If you do not meet all of the admissions criteria, account for this in your motivation letter and explain why you are nevertheless suitable for the programme.
  2. Your curriculum vitae.
  3. An overview of your study results.
  4. Your study plan for year 2 and 3, in which you incorporate both your Bachelor’s programme and the Honours programme. Indicate how many (and if you already know, which) courses you plan to take each semester. If you have plans for studying abroad or doing an internship, indicate in your study plan how you want to combine this with the Honours programme.

You will be informed of the outcome no later than mid-September.