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The Honours Programme consists of 30 ECTS. You are free to compose the programme based on the following tracks and parameters:

Track one

If you are interested in going into research, track one is a logical choice since it offers a research practicum. The route has the following parameters:

  • at least 12 ECTS of interdisciplinary honours courses;
  • a research practicum of 12 ECTS;
  • you add 6 ECTS to your thesis.

Track two

If you want to take more honours courses instead of a research practicum, track two is more suitable. The route has the following parameters:

  • at least 24 ECTS of interdisciplinary honours courses;
  • you add 6 ECTS to your thesis.

Interdisciplinary honours courses

As an honours student, you can participate in interdisciplinary honours courses offered by the Faculty of Humanities and other institutes (see 'More interdisciplinary courses')

Faculty of Humanities

During the second semester of each academic year, the Faculty offers interdisciplinary honours courses. The courses on offer may vary per year. In 2019-2020, the following courses will be on offer:

More interdisciplinary courses

Other interdisciplinary courses are offered each semester by:

  • the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies (IIS) of the UvA;
  • the Amsterdam University College (AUC);
  • the VU Honours Programme.

An overview of the available courses is published each semester on the website of the IIS. If you wish to participate in an honours course offered by the IIS, AUC or VU in the first semester of your second year, you should keep in mind that the registration deadline for the courses is in June. In this case, we advise you to register for the courses ahead of time, even though you have not yet been officially admitted to the Honours Programme.

Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies (IIS)

Research practicum

When you choose to do a research practicum, you carry out a research assignment (or several assignments) within a research group or a research project of an individual researcher.


When writing your extended thesis (6 ECTS extra), you will firstly have to prove that you are able to write a thesis according to the requirements of your Bachelor’s programme. You will write the thesis under the supervision of one of the staff members of your Bachelor’s programme.

The 6 ECTS extra includes:

  • that the thesis should be longer (three or four thousand words more than the usual thesis);
  • and that it should reflect more independence in writing the thesis.