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​Why do an internship?

Doing an internship has many advantages:

  • you will familiarise yourself with the job market;
  • you will learn to put theory into practice;
  • you will have some work experience to put on your CV;
  • you can build up an professional network;
  • your chances on the job market will increase;
  • it can help you decide the kind of MA programme for which you would like to apply 

An internship is worth 6 or 12 credits (ECTS). A 6 ECTS internship has a minimum duration of 168 hours, while a 12 ECTS internship is at least 336 hours. 


Please follow the step-by-step information if you would like to do an internship:

1. Finding an internship

2. Supervising lecturer and internship plan

3. Approval and internship agreement

4. Internship report and evaluation