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Course registration for Bachelor's students

College of Communication

Each semester, you are required to register for courses during the official registration period. When you register for a course, you are automatically registered for the exams, resits and the Canvas page for that course.

Course registration periods

Make sure to register during the official registration period, because this is the only way to secure a place in a course. The registration period for courses in Communication Science offered in semester 1 of the 2021-2022 academic year is:

Semester starts closes
Semester 1 Friday 11 June 2021 08:00  Tuesday 22 June 2021 13:00

Step-by-step guide to course registration


  • Step 4: Check your timetable

    Go to the Planner tab and view your course timetable under ‘Open timetable’. Make sure that your courses do not overlap. 


You can cancel course registrations at Go to the ‘Overview of registrations’ tab, check the box next to the course you wish to cancel and click on 'Deregister' and then on ‘OK’. 

You can only de-register for courses in SIS up until the end of the first week after the start of the course. If you do not de-register on time, it means that a spot is taken which could have been taken by another student.

If you are registered for a course but do not participate in it, it will be registered as a NAP (Not Attended) in your grade overview in SIS. These will be taken into account whether a student can graduate cum laude or not. Note: NAPs will not be shown on your degree certificate and official grade transcript.

Too late for course registration

How does the late course registration work?

The late course registration  takes place via SIS. You can register yourself for courses/tutorial groups on the last Tuesday and Wednesday the week before the start of a new block, see specified dates and times below. It is only possible to register for courses/tutorial groups that are not yet full.

  Start    End Courses of
Tuesday 31 Aug  8:00  Wednesday 1 Sep 13:00

Block 1,2,3

Tuesday 26 Oct 8:00 Wednesday 27 Oct 13:00

Block 2,3

Tuesday 4 Jan 8:00 Wednesday 5 Jan 13:00 Block 3

Do you want to register for the Internship Programme?

The Education Desk is in charge of the late course registration for the Internship Programme. If you like to register, please send an e-mail as soon as possible to the Education Desk. They will inform you whether it is possible to register you or not. Note: placement is not guaranteed.