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Examinations Board

Examinations Board

Conflict Resolution and Governance - Political Science

Examinations Board (Examencommissie - EC)

By law the EC has the official task of guarding the level and standard of the programme (examination). Also the EC has the right to grant exemptions and other adaptations of the curriculum to individual students. The EC is also responsible of the admission into the programme, although an admission committee can be mandated by the EC to handle the admissions on its behalf.

The EC stipulates the rules and guidelines for examinations and is also responsible for handling cases of fraud- and plagiary. The EC appoints examiners for programme units (if necessary).

Within the GSSS, the EC will also be involved in formulating the Teaching and Examination Regulations, especially where the curriculum and examinations are concerned.

Members of the EC are appointed by the faculty dean for a period of 5 years (can be renewed) on the recommendation of the director of the GSSS.

Members of the board

  • Dr Imke Harbers (chair master, deputy chair bachelor)
  • Dr Joost Berkhout (chair bachelor, deputy chair master)  
  • Dr Saskia Bonjour
  • Dr Julia Bader
  • Dr Eelke Heemskerk
  • External member: Prof. dr Monique Leyenaar

Secretarial support: Marijn Schaaf

Requests to the Examinations Board

Please note that all exceptions to the regular programme need the approval of the Examinations Board. If applicable, do your request in time because the reaction period of the Examinations Committee is six weeks. Exceptions to the programme are for instance exemption of a study part (on the base of previous relevant education on master's level), extracurricular courses, prolongation of the validity of passed courses, adjustment of deadlines in case of severe personal circumstances, individual thesis instead of research project or study credits for research internship.  Also complaints can be offered  to the Examinations Board.

If you do have a request for the Examinations Board, please take the following steps: 

  1. Rules. First read the rules and regulations that are applicable to your request, such as the Rules and Regulations, the Teaching and Examination Regulations (OER) or the thesis manual. These are all available at this web site. Discuss your request with the study adviser first.
  2. Web form. Send in your request to the Examinations board via the online form. 
  3. Proof and motivation. For the assessment of certain requests, the receipt of additional documents can be required. These documents (such as official grade list, doctors note, death notice) can be uploaded via the online request form. You do not have to upload sensitive documents though; you can give them to your study adviser instead.
  4. Answer and objections. Normally you will receive the decision of the Examinations Board within six weeks. One can complain against the decision within six weeks after the answer. In that case one needs a hard copy of the decision whereas you will otherwise only receive it via email. The decision on email is however lawful.

Requests and contact:

  • Please use the online form for you request. 
  • All other contact with the Examinations board runs through this email address:
  • Paper (transcripts & certificates) to: Examencommissie Politicologie, Postbus 15725, 1001 NE Amsterdam

Request form English

Send an email to

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