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Graduate School of Social Sciences

Follow the steps below to request a degree certificate (diploma) for your programme.

Step 1: When will your degree certificate be applied for by the registar?

The registar will apply for your diploma in SIS from the moment you have 30 EC (Masters) or 65 EC (Research Master) worth of coursework from your programme registered in SIS.

If you do not want to graduate even though you qualify for graduation and have completed all courses and your thesis, you will have to inform the registrar within 6 weeks after the application for your diploma by the registrar.

Otherwise the registrar will assume you want to graduate and will finalize the diploma application as soon as you  have 60 (Master) or 120 (Research Master) ECTS worth of coursework in SIS.

Your supervisor should submit your thesis grade to the programme administration before or on the deadline. The diploma application will be finalized once all your grades, including the grade for the thesis, are registered in SIS

Step 2: How do you request a degree certificate?

Fill out the online graduation form

The graduation form can be downloaded below.

Online graduation form

The graduation form provides the programme administration with all the necessary information in order to prepare for your graduation. The deadline for filling out the form is six weeks before the intended graduation date.

​Send in the graded version of your thesis in a pdf document to the programme administration via  

The thesis should be delivered in one PDF-file. On the first page of the document please mention the following:

  • title of the thesis 
  • your name & student number 
  • names of the supervisor, and first and second readers 
  • the Master’s programme you are enrolled in 
  • your private e-mail address 
  • the date

If you do not wish your thesis to be published in the online thesis database of the University Library, please mention this in the accompanying e-mail.

Step 3: When will you receive your degree certificate?

You will receive your diploma during the first possible graduation ceremony, or you may pick it up after that date.

Please contact the programme administration of your programme if you have any questions about this:

Contact: Iris Vuurmans
Phone: (020) 525 3777 Mon-Fri 14.00 - 16.00
Location: Nieuwe Achtergracht 166, 1018 WV, Amsterdam, room B701

Step 4: What else do I need to do and/or know?

If, at the end of the academic year, you have not yet finished your thesis or if it is unsure whether your examination date will be in the current academic year (31 August at the latest), please register yourself again in Studielink for your studies before 1 September! If you don’t, your grade cannot be booked and your diploma cannot be processed. If you are not certain if you will finish in time, please reregister just to be sure. Needless to say; you will have to pay extra tuition fees if you have to register for another (part of the) academic year - unless you finished before 31 August after all (in which case you will be refunded).

Once you received a grade for your thesis, and an e-mail of the Registrar’s Office concerning deregistration, you can deregister in Studielink. You automatically stop paying tuition fees then (and possibly get a refund). Between 1 June and 31 August, you do not have to actively deregister, since your enrollment ends automatically at the end of the academic year (31 August) and there is no tuition fee refund for this period.

Also be sure to read the general rules that apply to the request of degree certificates.

General UvA rules for requesting a diploma certificate