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Honours programme Psychology

Honours certificate

Due to the Corona crisis the requirements have been changed for some batches of Honours students. All students who started the Honours programme Psychology in the academic year 2018-2019 and have any delay in the second semester of their second year (2019-2020) due to corona, get an extra semester to clear this backlog. Students who start the Honours programme in the academic year 2020-2021 must complete 150 ec in their 2nd and 3rd year in a period of two years. If in the second semester of their first year (2019-2020) they have some delay due to corona, they get an extra semester to clear this delay.

Requesting your Honours certificate

After you have completed your Bachelor, you have to do two things to request your Honours certificate:

  • Tick the box on the online form for applying for the Bachelor’s degree in Psychology indicating that you wish to apply for an Honours Bachelor’s degree. This informs the educational desk about your Honours certificate request.
  • Fill in this short questionnaire to give the Examinations Board the necessary information to assess your application. You can also upload your justification here.

The Examinations Board will assess whether your study track satisfies the requirements for the Honours Bachelor’s degree. If it does, you will be awarded an Honours certificate along with your Bachelor’s degree certificate.

Before the Bachelor’s degree certificate is awarded, the Examinations Board will notify you by email of whether you have satisfied the requirements for an Honours Bachelor’s degree. 

See also: Graduation and applying for degree certificate


There can be several reasons for a justification to the Examinations Board (please see above: ‘Requesting an Honours certificate’):

  • You should write a justification if - in addition to the two interdisciplinary courses - you have taken one or more (interdisciplinary) courses outside Psychology. It is important that the Examinations Board has a good understanding of the (substantive) relevance of those courses to psychology. The questions below can help you when writing the justification:
    • What is the substantive relationship between the courses you have taken?
    • In what way are the courses you have taken (both in the regular programme and the extra courses) relevant to each other?
    • Does the combination of courses provide new perspectives?
    • Is there any other substantive or academic added value in the courses you have taken?
  • If your Bachelor took you longer than three years. If studying at a university abroad caused (some) unavoidable delay, justify this to the Examinations Board, explaining what caused this delay. The Corona crisis can also be a good reason for (some) delay. You have to show the Examinations Board why it was impossible to complete the Honours bachelor within the nominal study duration set for the programme (3 years) and that you’ve done everything within your possibilities to minimize the delay. The expiry of one semester has been taken as a reasonable maximum period of time.
  • If you have not satisfied the requirements of the Honours programme for other reasons, but are of the opinion that you are still entitled to an Honours Bachelor’s degree, write a justification to explain your specific situation.

Calculating your GPA for the Honours programme

The GPA is a weighted average. All courses within the degree programme (180 EC) taken individually and assessed with a mark are included.
There is no maximum limit for the number of resits. Exams for which students have received a pass may not be retaken in order to increase the average.