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Enrolment UvA VU

Information for UvA students intending to enrol or who have either enrolled or re-enrolled in one of the following study programs:

  • Master’s in Artificial Intelligence
  • Master's in Biological Sciences
  • Master’s in Chemistry
  • Master’s in Computational Sciences
  • Master’s in Information Studies
  • Master’s in Life Sciences
  • Master’s in Physics and Astronomy
  • Master's in Software Engineering

Automatic enrolment at the VU 

The UvA study programs listed above work closely with VU University Amsterdam. This means that as a UvA student, you will take one or more courses at VU in one of the VU buildings on Boelelaan in Amsterdam South. These are component courses of a VU study program with which your UvA study program collaborates (see the list below).

Once you are fully enrolled in your UvA master programme and have paid your tuition fee, you will automatically receive a VUnet-ID from the VU.  With this, you are a guest student (in Dutch: bijvakstudent) at the VU. This means that you can register for the VU courses in your programme at the VU directly.


Enrolment at UvA

Leads to enrolment in the following study program(s) at VU

M Artificial Intelligence  M Artificial Intelligence 
M Bioinformatics and System Biology (JD) M Bioinformatics and System Biology (JD)
M Biological Sciences M Biology and M Ecology
M Chemistry M Chemistry
M Computational Science M Computer Science
M Information Studies M Information Sciences
M Life Sciences M Bioinformatics and Systems Biology
M Physics and Astronomy M Physics and Astronomy
M Software Engineering M Information Sciences

Why is this necessary?

The UvA and VU have decided on this form of cooperation so that students can derive the maximum benefit from the combined study programs of both institutions. As a result, both universities are able to offer their students a wide range of high-level courses.

What will my enrolment entail?

You will receive a VUnet-ID from the VU (if you did not receive one already in the previous academic year). The VUnet-ID lets you log in to VUweb, the VU student portal. The information available on VUweb includes:

  • Canvas messages regarding courses for which you have registered;
  • marks;
  • the courses you have signed up for;
  • your personal timetable with times and locations of courses and examinations.

Personal matters you can arrange via VUweb:

  • signing up for courses and examinations;
  • entering a change of address;
  • supplementing registration details (for example, additional address details or details on your previous education).

Furthermore, enrolment in one or more study programs at the VU grants you access to facilities at the VU such as the library, sports facilities, restaurant, a VU e-mail account, etc.

You may receive e-mails that are not intended for you. While we do our best to prevent this from occurring, we are unable to prevent it completely. We recommend that you keep track of all your messages via VUweb. Your lecturer will also often communicate via Canvas.

You may be enrolled at the VU but not actually have any classes there during this academic year. This is because all students in the study program are automatically enrolled. If you do not have any courses at VU, you can disregard the general information provided by VU.

Registering for courses and examinations at the VU

Please note: automatic enrolment DOES NOT mean you are automatically registered to take courses and examinations.

Registration for VU courses and/or examinations MUST be done via VUweb. You can find the registration deadlines for each teaching period on VUweb; period 1 is open longer than the others.

Please note that at the VU, course registration is done per period (block) rather than per semester, as it is done at the UvA. So, you have to enrol for courses for each (8 or 4 weeks) period separately at the VU. 

Please click the link below to see the list of enrolment periods and deadlines below for details.

VU Enrolment periods and deadlines 


Inter-university marks exchange

The program administrations of VU and UvA send each other examination marks directly. No action is required on your part.

Deviating Exam rules UvA-VU