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Examination arrangements

for students with disability

When are you eligible for a special arrangement? 

Depending on your disability, you may be eligible for a special examination arrangement. This arrangement is necessary to sit the examination, but must not conflict with the learning outcomes for the degree programme. Contact a student counsellor to discuss the options available to you. 

When does the special arrangement granted apply? 

This arrangement applies only to:

  • exams for which you have indicated in Datanose that you want to make use of the facility. You will receive instructions on how to do this via email after the facility has been accorded;
  • exams of FNWI courses. If you take courses at other faculties, please check with their staff whether you can make use of this special arrangement there, and, if so, how. 

What factors do you need to take into account?

Please take the following into account:

  • You will have to apply for a facility in Datanose for each separate exam no later than 3 weeks before the date of the exam.
  • Application is mandatory for each exam during which you want to make use of the facility. Keep in mind that you will have to reapply for resits of exams.
  • If you apply for additional examination time the following accounts:
    • exams scheduled up to 2 hours (<2 hours):  15 minutes additional time;
    • exams scheduled for 2 hours or more (≥2 hours): 30 minutes additional time.
  • You will take the exam at the same location as regular students unless otherwise indicated in your personal timetable in Datanose.
  • If you have been granted the customised (‘Custom made advice’) adjustment or arrangement please consult the study advisor of the program that organizes the course, on the manner in which this facility should be arranged.
  • If you decide to not take part in an exam for which you have been registered, please cancel the extra facility for this exam in Datanose no later than three weeks before the date of the exam. After this deadline you can cancel your registration by sending an email to, stating your name, the name of the course and the exam date. In case of resits your registration will be canceled automatically if you pass the first instance of the exam.


If you do not succeed in applying for extra time or if there are other problems, please notify . If you have questions on this policy or about your personal situation, you are welcome to contact your study advisor.